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Spiritual Healing Books on Emotional Health

Spiritual healing books emphasizing emotional health through expressing emotions and feelings. Mind body and soul book excerpts. Metaphysical psychology theory on human growth and development.



Welcome to this web-site which introduces three of my books focusing on emotional health and spiritual healing.  Please read the free book excerpts to find out if these books are for you.

Illuminating Physical Experience is a Mind Body and Soul book that focuses on the emotional and spiritual causes of health and illness. The concepts are very metaphysical, yet also very pragmatic and down-to-earth.  Concepts such as reincarnation, being one with God, and manifesting our reality, are treated as a given.

In essence, this is a book about expressing emotions and feeling our feelings as a path to human growth and development.  Please refer to my co-authors Metaphysical Psychology Theory in the short article Spiritual Enlightenment What Is It? for a description of the Integrative Path toward emotional healing vs. the Light Polarized Path.

My two co-authors, like myself, are spiritual intuitives and channelers, and the book contains much original spiritual information never before published in other Spiritual Healing Books.

Heal Your Depression and Celebrate Life! is a booklet I wrote as a response to the many requests I've had from patients and readers for just such a book.  It deals with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual causes of depression.  In the excerpt, you can read about my personal experience with healing my own depression.

Akanthos - A Book of Channeled Insights is more purely a spiritual healing book than the other two.  It contains 100% channeled material from a spirit entity called Akanthos who paints a delightful

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metaphysical look at life, describing the difference between living life as an adventurer or as a warrior.  Like the Illuminating-book, the focus of Akanthos is emotional health and spiritual healing through fully feeling your emotions.


Spiritual Enlightenment What is it? (Short but enlightening article.)

Free Excerpt Illuminating Physical Experience
(NB! Not recommended for conservative religious people.)

Free Excerpt - Heal Your Depression and Celebrate Life!

Free Excerpt Akanthos: A Book of Channeled Insights

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